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Choosing a good mountain bike is not an easy task, you need to have deep knowledge about mountain bike, not only about what is the best function but also when it need to be replaced. Choosing a best mountain bike under 1000 is not everything you need to do to have a good bike with high durability, youhave to pay attention for each part of the bike. In this post, I want to share with you the way to choose and protect 2 parts of mountain bike, which are the tires and the frames.

  1. Mountain bike’s tires

In all the parts of the moutain bike, tires is the part which is easiest to be broken and shortest time life. In order to have a fun ride with the mountain bike and ensure your safe, you need to frequently check the quality of the tires and replace it timely. There are 4 points you need to pay a lot attention about when choosing the mountain bile’s tire Continue reading NOTICES FOR CHOOSING SOME GOOD MOUNTAIN BIKE

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When you are first into snowboarding, renting the snowboard is a nice idea because it is likely that you don’t know much about. However, after you get used to this outdoor sport and want to perform it frequently, it is time to shop for your own snowboard.  There are a lot of things to consider and just the number of technical terms alone may give you a headache. Don’t be worry; we are here to help you with a simple but very practical buying guide.

  1. Budget

Budget is always the top factor you must consider. An entry-level board can cost you around $150-$250. Mid-range boards can range from $250 to about $450. With more than $450, you can score a top-end board for yourself.

Generally: The higher the price, the lighter the board. Plus you have a lot of  esigns and features to choose from. While cheap boards are heavier and simpler in designs, they are more suitable for beginners. Continue reading SNOWBOARD BUYING GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS

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Windsurfing is an amazing outdoor sport that combines the best of surfing and sailing to give you both thrills and peace of mind at the same time. You are in direct touch with nature and the feelings of being out in the open and gliding over water are unparallel. This type of sport is easy to learn and it appeals to both men and woman, kids and adults who would love to experience excitement and freedom while surfing on oceans, lakes or waterways. However, like any other water activities, wind surfing can be dangerous. Knowing the potential risks and proper measures to avoid them will help you have a safe and exhilarating experience.  Here are the frequently asked questions about windsurfing safety

  1. What are common windsurfing injuries?


Imagine yourself perform windsurfing on a day with very bad weather conditions. The wind is too strong that you lose your grip and get knocked unconscious. It is also likely that you get trapped underwater or drown. Or, someone else may jump a wave and accidentally land on you. Continue reading 3 FAQ QUESTIONS ABOUT WINDSURFING SAFETY

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Some kinds of long skateboard brands in sports

If you lay the long board for skating, you should use the classic board with the shape of the nose because of the high stable level, which make you easy to practice. Long time ago, the long board for skating has become the new trend of style of the urban youth, the youth preferring the challenge and affiriming the stylistic feature. The long board has always been the partner with the player because does it bring the benefits for health but also the tools for confirming the style of the player.  For the new players, the basic point we have to know first has been the kinds of long board, and how to choose the suitable board for yourself. Let’s study about the kinds of Best Longboard Brands on the market recently.

  1. The longboard brand:

This has been the kind of skate board with the wide and long board, the length of that skate board can be up t 1,5m, depending on each type of desgnation and different purpose. The long board brand for skating has been used for the purpose of racing at high speed or traveling on the long distance of even and flat road (for example the coach). The type of long board for skating do not have the fixed shape because it changes in accordance with each object and purpose of using.

This kind of long board for skating has usually had the uneasy start, but when  it will gain the high speed, it is going to get the stability and higher speed. Continue reading Some kinds of long skateboard brands in sports

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Trekking is a very popular outdoor sport thanks to various physical and mental benefits it brings. As it involves a lot of walking, which is very similar to hiking, many people think they are the same and use the two terms interchangeable. In fact, they are not. Here are some main differences between these two activities:

  • Intensity

Intensity is the distinctive factor that sets hiking and trekking apart. Both activities largely involves walking, though for trekking, the trips often last longer for days, weeks or even months Continue reading HOW IS TREKKING DIFFERENT FROM HIKING

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Ah, skydiving…The adventurous activity that helps you face your fear; it also provides you with a great method for stress relief and a new perspective for viewing the world around you. There are so many types of skydiving gear that you may need and how many to bring along with you completely depends on your own opinion. However, make sure you don’t forget the following gear – they are “must haves” that you absolutely need for a safe and effective dive:

  • Parachute

It is obvious the most important piece of skydiving gear – you simply can’t go for a dive without it. The basic components of a parachute are the container (backpack), a primary canopy and reserve canopy as well as pull strings. The average cost for a parachute is around $3,500; if that is too much for your limited budge, you can rent this piece from a skydiving center.

  • Altimeter


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 Simply put: Outdoor sports are for people of all ages, men or women, kids or adults. There are always types of outdoor sports that suit for your fitness conditions and personality. Who can resist breathing fresh air and doing activities among the nature?  If you need more convincing, here are the main benefits you can get from outdoor sports:

  • Your body

Outdoor sports provide a wide variety of light and intense physical activities. You can perform them alone or with friends, family members and sports team.

One day of trekking or bird watching is not likely to resu Continue reading WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE ON OUTDOOR SPORTS?